Any Instructional videos?\

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Posted by Vinny R on February 01, 19102 at 21:39:37:

I can't believe I didn't come here sooner!! Mr. Scruggs is, of course deserving of so much respect. I've been playing for a few years now and have many types of instructional videos but I wonder, and I'm probably the
millionth person to ask this, does Mr. Scruggs have any plans to make his own. While every video I've seen has some phenomenal pickers on them, many of whom may be deemed more "technical" with left hand dexterity, you know , Aminor 7th flat Dim sus 9,11, 13 modal jazz cords and other such silliness, none of them hold a candle to Mr. Scruggs for their "voice" when they play.
There is just something so REAL about his accent and attitude; he's not trying to impress me with how much he knows-- he's going deep, deep down, to a place few ever see 'cept maybe some saints, or poets, or a mad prophet or two. He's then kind enough to let us tag along for the ride.
My basic style is a three finger melodic one though much more "on the beat" rather than "syncopated" I believe is how it would be described by those who can read music (I can't even seem to follow TAB.) I've bgun working on a style that I realize now is indeed a very Irish way of playing; makes sense as that's the music I was raised most in as a player. Instead of concentrating on picking out melody back and forth on the string with my thumb and initial finger, I'm doing Thumb - Initial - Thumb - Middle / all on one string. Getting this done precisely is the trickiest part as it gets crowded putting three fingers almost simultaneously on one string .

My second question after the video querry is:
Does Mr. Scruggs ever use the technique I've described or know of anyone who does, and, if so, does he keep his fngers anchored on the head even when doing so on the low D string?

Any kind souls who can answer either question out there? Many thanks and all the best

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