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Posted by Randy Escobedo on April 03, 19103 at 01:15:47:

In Reply to: 5 string bridge posted by Dex on April 02, 19103 at 19:11:43:


Heres a suggestion. Its hard without having the banjo
in front of me to show you. Give this a try and you
should be able to set your bridge with little trouble.

Measure the distance from end of the nut to the center of the 12th fret.
Remember this measurement!

Now taking this measurement go from the center of the 12 fret and lightly
mark your banjo head where it ends. Place the bridge at this mark and
tune it up to pitch. Play the note open and then fret the string at the 12th
fret. "This should the SAME note." Use a tuner for it will tell you if the
note is too flat or sharp. If it is sharp move the bridge back slightly.
If it is too flat of course move it forward. You will have to play with it until it
sounds correct for you.

Now depending on the brand of bridge/shape will also determine its
proper placement. String action is very important. For example if your strings are too high no matter
what you will have a sharp sounding note when you play up the neck.
Gibson suggest 7/64th from the top of your 12th fret to the bottom of your string.
You could go a little lower but beware of string buzz.

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