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Posted by Ken Trayturik on January 29, 19103 at 11:44:25:

In Reply to: Banjo head tuning posted by Carolina fan on January 26, 19103 at 10:24:50:

Hi! Carolina fan
Tuning the banjo head to tight, not too good to do
you, don`t want to break it.
I, have a Gold Tone CC100R Bluegrass 5 Strg Banjo for last 3 months, and after taking off the resonator the other day, for the 1st time, since I got it and just looking to check out everything out under/& inside of banjo, All is O.K.My CC100R, is Just like the Gold Tone model 150 Maple Classic to,on the Website being "convertible", playing as an "Open Back Banjo" as well.The head on mine is tuned to Just "G" tuning standard,right from the factory in Florida and it`s all tight and very good for the sound and all.
You, Don`t want to tighten the head "way to Tight", as you might break the drum head.
I, would just put it to a "G" standard perfectly tuned, and should be "Great" for you, as for myself, and I, had to re-Position my bridge 3 footed bridge to exaclty in the Very Center of the drum Head.This is so Very Important,Use a tape measure to exact Measurements, or your very best judgement(s) to set up.I, previously always just had it slightly down on one end, though sounded not bad, this way in "exact center", all the time, making the Intonation "Exacly Perfect", Whatever "Perfect Is?",or Whatever Works for you!Best! but I, know, now realize it`s a lot better, in all respects. make a light pencil mark to always know the latest marking(s)because when playing over a long period in time bridges will move some or could, even in the slightest way you wouldn`t believe,making the sound change again.even minutly "slightly" On my D`Addario strings set, mine is set at 26 1/4" from nut to the top of the bridge, for tension measurements.Lbs of Pull etc.Specs are on the string pkg and, making Sure the Tailpiece (strings) is Perfectly Centered on the head as well.Try, loosening the Taipiece adjustment Bolt for Tensioning Adjustment right off (loosened off),I, put mine this very way and it`s way better, or maybe say just a sligtest amount (turn back in), if you need to!You, only need a enough to keep some tension on the bridge, if necessary though! This will effect the Banjo Sound as well as other things.This is setting up of your Banjo, Very Important, It Has to Be "Right On", and I, mean "Right On" also.
As far as the overall sound of your Banjo, you might want to try this out, loosen the four(4) bolts on the resonator some, the (2) chrome or Gold bolts (whatever you have?) about (1) one turn or even a little less the two right under on your lap when you`re holding(playing) instrmt, and the top (2), right above the arm rest to about two whole turns(loosen), this works Excellently for myself!I, don`t know about your banjo, but I, can get a lot more overall Volume and better("improved") sound to the instrument.this way
of, course, even Playing as an "Open Back", it`s very good Sounding as well to.
My, banjo came with J69 D`Addario light gauge Phosphor Bronze Strings, and also have a spare set of the same.from Long & McQuades` when bought my banjo.
You, may have to experiment around with it a little, to get it just how you like the sound, but believe me, this Really works,Try It! and see!When, the bolts on the resonator are all right tight the overall sound is a more solid sound,due to resonator being more solid to the Brass tone ring on the banjo itself. than say when they are loosend a little, making more volume totally.because, the vibrations are different then.travelling through the whole instrument then.I`ve Greatly Improved the sound of My Banjo Fantasticly, coming from a "Blunter" sounding one to a "Dramatically",brilliant tone, more expensive sounding 5 string, and I, believe that My Gold Tone Now Sounds Exactly that way, Just like A Banjo Costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars more.I, am Very Happy with the Purchase of My Gold Tone CC100R Cripple Creek Bluegrass 5 String Banjo."It`s Fantastic!" for a banjo priced at just under $500.00 Canadian I, hope I, could be of some help to you.
from Canada, Cheers, Ken

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