"If the people don't listen..."

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Posted by Roy McCoy on November 03, 19102 at 16:38:59:


I was reading through the messages here earlier
today and noticed that someone said you could
call Louise Scruggs at Scruggs Music Supplies
in Nashville, and somone else said you could
even call Earl himself. I've now looked for
phone numbers on the Internet, however, and I
can't find either a business or home listing.
If someone could advise me on this, I would
appreciate getting any information on it at

The reason I'm interested is that quite a
while ago I wrote a bluegrass song that,
though I hadn't originally intended it that
way, wound up being kind of anti-war in its
last verse. I did a demo of it in my living
room, which wasn't particularly good except
that it had as its banjo player Alison Brown,
who's now one of the most famous banjo players
around. Lately I've been trying to publish the
song, and it looks like I may have a really
good recording soon to replace the old demo.
I was thinking about Ricky Skaggs again today
in relation to this, when I suddenly remembered
having seen Earl on a television special about
an anti-war march in Washington DC during the
Vietnam war. Earl and his band were getting
ready to go onstage, but Earl stopped on his
way out and commented to the camera, "If the
people don't listen, they're missin' the boat."
So anyway, remembering this was like a revelation
to me today: Why hadn't I sent the song to Earl
Scruggs? Why shouldn't I do that now? So I hope
to do it, but would like to get a phone or e-mail
okay first.

I'll put the lyrics here, since we're on the
subject and I don't know who'll be reading this.


Roy McCoy
Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Country doors
Back home in years before
Are swinging in my mem'ry
As evermore

Open wide
Like ev'ry heart inside
There was no need for a door key
In that rollin' countryside

Nobody stole from his brother
The people always got along somehow
Neighbors were good to each other
How I wish it could be that way now

Always free
We lived in harmony
And the doors may tell the story
Of the way life could be

No more wars
At peace forevermore
When we’re living and forgiving
In a world of country doors

(c) 1983 Roy McCoy/Country Doors Music (ASCAP)

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